Choosing What Size Of Print You Should Buy

The size of print that you should buy depends on a few different factors. There are many choices that depend on if it's hanging on its own or if the print will be combined with other artwork in its display area. The one thing that's for sure is that there are no rules, and in the end, your own gut feeling is what determines what feels right! 

1) Location

Will the print be the centerpiece behind a bed or will it be part of a larger gallery wall in the living room.


2) Size of wall

Are you hanging it in an average sized room or will it live in an open plan space on a large wall?


3) Combination with other art work

Are you planning on combining the print with any other art on the wall? Will it be part of a display of many, or will it be the focal point. 


Take a look at the size comparisons of our prints below!

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